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Literacy Assessment Commentary

Task 3:

Step 3: Define and submit evaluation criteria (rubric)

The evaluation is in the form of a making predictions graphic organizer where students will be assessed on how well they can apply the skill to a specific chapter. They will also include text evidence the use to assist them in making their predictions.



Emerging (0)





Students will write predictions about a story.


Student did not write any predictions about the story


Student wrote at least one prediction about the story.


Students wrote two or more predictions about the story.



Students identify supporting details to determine predictions confirmed or contradicted.


Student did not identify any supporting details


Student identify at least one supporting details from the story.


Students identified two or more supporting details from the story.



  1. Identify quantitative and qualitative patterns of learning within and across learners (i.e what individual or groups generally understood and what a number of students were still struggling to understand.)

For the completion of the graphic organizer which is divided into 2 columns I would say 50 % of the students understood the comprehension strategy of making prediction. The first column where students are required to write their prediction 90% of the students wrote a response but out of that 50% of the response was acceptable. The others were distorted not clearly stated, for example “I prediction that it means she …” The second column which deals with evidence from the text to support their predictions was about 40% acceptable. Many of them wrote a response but it did no support their prediction.  Therefore I would say students have difficulty with recall of information and they are struggling with identifying the character actions in the story. Not being able to predict what next the character will do based on his/her actions.

    1. Select and submit 3 students’ examples.
    2. Academic language use.

Here is a list of examples of quote from students using the academic language prediction:

      • “My prediction is that she going to run as fast she can an catch up to her dad”.
      • “My prediction is that Fern didn’t want her dad to kill the pig.”
      • “I predict that Fern is going outside to beg his father to not kill it.”
      • “I predict that she went a little wild and didn’t want to see the pig dead.”


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.