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Renetta Edwards

EDUC 355

Dr. Diaz

April 24, 2013


Interview of Indian Family


In India, we lived with my 1 brother, 2 sisters, mother, father, and grandmother. We all share the same house which has 3 bedrooms. In the mornings, the girls would wake up early to cook roti on the mud oven in the back of the yard, so that my brothers and father can have something to eat before they go to work and school.

We have a lot to do every day. Unlike the Americans, we clean the house every day, do laundry by hand. Cook dinner for the family and any other errands that may need immediate attention. Our job is to make sure that the men are taken care of because they work hard in the rice fields.

Although education is very important, I left school at age 14. I had to learn how to take of the house so that I could learn how to care of my husband when I was married; it is our tradition to take care of husbands needs.

It was a match made by my uncle, I was lucky that Anil decided to find a wife from his own culture. Most times when Indian men migrate to the United States they do not return for a wife who does not know anything about the western culture. Our culture is very different from the American way of life. He came to see me after hearing about me from my uncle and after 7 months he sent for me and we got married. Now we have been married for 8 months and I am going to have our first baby in 6 months. I hope we have many sons.

No, Anil is going to college so that he could be able to make more money for us and to help to take care of the children. He came here with his family when he was young and he had to work early, so now is he going back to school. After he is finished with school, we will save our money so that our sons can study to be doctors or lawyers. We want them to be successful, that is why we left India and come to the United States.

I still do not like the way the women do not get married. I now know the reason Anil did not marry an American woman. They are too different from Indian women. They are too independent.

Me and Anil want to buy a house and to be able to pay for all of our children to go to school and do good and become successful. That is why Anil is working so hard and we are saving most of our money. When we get old we can go back to India and our children can make a better life for their children. In America we can give them a better life than if we are living in India.

I still have my father and brother and sister-in-law and sister living in India but my Mamu come so that I could get help with the baby. The baby will be born in America which will be good for it, because he/she could be the first Asian Indian President in the United States; you know, in America you can be anything and do anything you want to.




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