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Evidence of Feedback

2. Feedback to Guide Further Learning

a. In what form did you submit your evidence of feedback for the 3 focus student?

My evidence of Feedback for my assessment conducted for the 3 students is indicated with a check on students work.  There are written feedback on their work because it was orally done.


b. Explain how feedback provided to the 3 focus students addresses their individual strengths and needs relative to the standards/objectives measured.


The student with the ESL struggled with making a prediction using text evidence which is recall of information. From my evaluation of students work I observed that 2 of the students had difficulty with supporting their predictions with specific details from text.

I reread the specific page and using the strategy of chinking pause for a longer period of time for students to make a movie in their minds then write their prediction. Then they shared their predictions which each other pointing out which clue help them think what they are thinking.  


c.  Describe how you will support students to apply the feedback to guide improvement, either within the learning segment or at a later time.


After the second reading according to the feedback given 2 of the students were able to readily write evidence or clues revising their predictions.  I used questioning to elicit what details from the text and show students how they can use the W’s to help make predictions in the future.  This will help them to master the skill/concept of making predictions for any other text or reading material. This was an informal assessment which was done during the guided reading. I also used two real life examples that will help them to have a clearer understanding of what it means to predict by making a movie in your mind

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.