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Asian American Children

What Teachers Should Know: Eric Digest

          I find this reading to be very informative and I do appreciate being given the opportunity to become more enlighten and to gain a better understanding of Asian Americans.  The writer gives a few pointers as to how teachers can help these students.

In order to effectively help someone you must first have some background Knowledge of that individual. I feel this is exactly what this article/reading has done for me. In fact it has helped me to recognize that diversity exists within Asian American national groups and among individuals.

          What I like is that this reading gives specifics that teachers can address to help Asian American children succeed.  A few examples are: teachers should familiarize themselves with the values, traditions and customs of various cultures; and learn the migratory conditions specific to each of their students’ families. Next learn at least a few words of their Asian students’ native language.  By showing such interest, teachers can set the tone for better communication and finally to consider peer teaching.  Asian American children who are not fluent in English may feel threatened by having to answer questions in front of the whole class. These examples pretty much ties in with strategies learned for differentiated instructions within the classroom.

          One important point I will take away from this reading is in the Asian American Culture teachers have a higher status than teachers in the United States.  Therefore the Asian children expect a considerable amount of structure and organization.  These children tend to need reinforcement from teachers, and work more efficiently in a well-structured, quiet environment (Baruth & Manning 1992).

Asian American children tend to wait to participate unless otherwise requested by the teacher. Many of them have been socialized to listen more than speak, to speak in a soft voice, and to be modest in dress and behavior.  This is a great eye opener for me as an educator.

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