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      The education department Standard 4 creativity states that “candidates conceptualize, design, and develop imagination and innovative work”.


     The evidence I chose for this standard is a career assessment project from my freshman seminar 102 class, taught by Professor Charles, during the spring 2012 semester.  The assignment met the substandard 4.1 "Demonstrates imagination and innovation in their college assignments and requirements". This assignment required us to create a Kaleidoscope out of certain characteristics and preferences we have. Each slide was composed of a certain number of shapes, with each characteristic in side. With in every slide, there was a topic we had to cover. We created an actual kaleidoscope when we combined shapes from each slide together to assess what our possible future career might be. While each person presented, before they announced what their future career would be, the class would have to guess. This was in order to prove whether your presentation of each characteristic was clear. In the end, my Possible careers were the following:


-Language or History Teacher


-Translator for a Non-Profit Organization (under the United Nations).


-Arts and Travel Critic


    As you can possibly tell now, I stuck to my first choice and decided to become an Education major only a semester after this project. I also picked up a minor in social studies. This project was very helpful because I was under the Liberal Arts program, but I was still undecided until just recently. I was able to think and analyze what would benefit me the most as a student, what interest me the most and this way, I wouldn’t be wasting any more time taking classes I didn’t need. This assessment required me to be creative and actually think about what I wanted to do during my education career. I hadn’t put much effort into that in the past, and this helped me open my eyes to possible fields of study.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.