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Julissa Alcober

Professor Diaz

Education 102


Kids can be Activist or Bystanders


1. Do you think Craig is an exceptional child? Why or why not?


In my opinion Craig is an exceptional child, and a very exemplary person. He was able to bring his idea to life and change lives around the world. Craig took the same passion and energy he had for regular teenage activities, and invested it all to a cause that had a huge outcome. He had the help of his parents and adults, which contributed to his success.


2.  What do you think accounts for his social activism at such a young age?


The help and guidance of adults had much to do with Craig’s achievements. There are many children who have ideas that can possibly change the world, yet they do not have the same support system.


3. Would you nurture this is to your own students?


I would encourage my students to speak up and voice their opinions. Growing up, I never really had a chance to change whatever bothered me in my community let alone the world; we all basically had to let that idea go and let adults handle it. I would encourage my students to say what’s on their mind, develop an idea to change that, and then act upon it.


4. How would you do it?


The approach I would take would be to discuss social issues on a regular basis. Some children aren’t up to date with what is happening around the world and if I am able to spark an idea from a simple lesson plan or class discussion, I will be doing my job.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.