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Julissa Alcober

Professor Jones

SPCH 102 (WID1)

November 9, 2011


       Good Afternoon class, my name is Julissa Alcober, and the topic I am presenting today is transhumanism. For those who are wondering what transhumanism is, it is the use of science and technology to improve humans, mentally and physically. It is a transition from being human to “post human”. At first one might feel skeptical about this topic, but I assure you it is vital for our future. Transhumanism promotes a live with no such things as “diseases, suffering, aging, disabilities, or involuntary death”. One might still feel doubtful because we automatically think “Transhumanism is using technology to get rid of normal humans”, but it is nothing of the sort. The transhumanist goal is to abolition human limitations so we can become a better race. The technology they use ranges from gene alterations in order to make athletes faster and stronger, to the use of microchips to remove pain, illness, and old age.


     If you had the chance to become better, wouldn’t you take it? We have already been introduced to the idea of using technology to clone a human or animal, change our physical appearance, and even choose what characteristics our offspring will have. Transhumanism combines all these ideas in order get rid of “undesirable and unnecessary human conditions”.  We live in the age of technology, and using it towards enhancing the human race should be something we look forward to doing.  Imagine being able to use a “brain pace-maker” to cure an elder’s Alzheimer, or use “bio-optic implants” to allow someone with no sight, see for the first time. Imagine having the power to increase your intelligence by over a 100% with the help of a neuro-chip or using nanotechnology to create organic body tissues. Imagine reaching the “hive of mind” or in other words, becoming one super intelligent being.  


     You guys might wonder “How am I supposed to get my hands on this kind of technology if I’m not rich?”, but I am here to tell you how transhumanist medicine is at our disposal yet we aren’t aware. Transhumanist technology is used in a human growth hormones treatment for children who suffer from “non- growth hormone deficiency” and this treatment is recommended by 74% of doctors nationwide. This treatment has allowed children with such deficiency to grow and live regular lives; and unlike today’s medicine, Transhumanist medicine will not only restore health but it enhances the human body’s ability to remain healthy for a long period of time. The unorthodox technology transhumanist use is what makes the people who undergo a transhumanist transformation “post human”. The term “post humans” should not be confused with someone with the physical appearance of a robot or machine; “post humans” are simply people who have used this technology to their advantage to improve either body or mind. If we open up our minds to this technology and lose the thought of transhumanism being too “science-fiction” like, we can improve our lives and the live of future generations.  As said by British scientist Colin Tudge “There is no a priori reason why a human being should not combine the qualities, say, of Einstein, Shakespeare, Mozart, Darwin, J.M.W. Turner, a nuthatch and a pocket calculator. Indeed, there is no a priori reason why such a paragon (transhumanism) should not be considered ordinary.”


         The concept of living in a better world, the ability to cure disease that affect millions of people worldwide, and the opportunity to unite people through science and technology is what fuels the transhumanism movement. It is up to us to accept these new ideas and think about what will benefit us in the long run, because only we can make the decision to better ourselves.   


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.