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Candidates possess a comprehensive understanding of the Liberal Arts and Science and Education foundations content, concepts and modes of inquiry and make connections among disciplines.


1.1Understands liberal arts and sciences content (the what of various disciplines), concepts (the generalizations about content), and the modes and methods of inquiry (the how of various disciplines).

1.2Demonstrates in-depth understanding of the relevant and significant ideas across disciplines.

1.3Connects content across disciplines.

1.4Makes connections between disciplinary content and the New York State Standards for Learning.

1.5Demonstrates understanding of how best to teach what they know about disciplinary content, curriculum, practices and strategies for learning, and how to apply appropriate assessment devices.

1.6Creates and selects teaching methods, activities and materials that are aligned with the New York Standards for Learning.

1.7Understands technology as a potential tool for teaching and learning

1.8Designs and implements research by raising their own questions and using appropriate resources and methodologies to answer those questions.

1.9Understands child development, characteristics, and needs.

1.10Understands exceptionalities and the impact these conditions have on the development and performance of children.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.