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I'm spiraling down rapidly with no where to land
Racing thoughts and anxiety have been shaking my hands
I've got remnants of eye shadow from cheek bones to chin
And I'm pointlessly gasping for tainted air in the wind

I'm well known for my smile, long black hair, and my spark
Good traits in a girl whose been swimming with sharks
Men want me for sex, they like my lustrous eyes
Which I use to allure them, so I can stab them with lies

I'm like a black widow, they get tangled and scared
In the web I create from the pain that I've bared
Then I suck the life out of them with the fangs from my past
It takes many to feed me and to make the "high" last

Like a satisfied succubus, I reap what I sow
Five seconds of "feeling" from the life that I stole
Women fancy the words I conduct with my tongue
And I fancy them back when I wanna feel sprung

It pains me sometimes to keep to myself
Yet I affiliate with damaged goods on a shelf
I'm cracked and distorted from so many repairs
Some people notice, so they send repulsed stares

There are times it affects me, so I stay on my side
In the far dusty corner, where parts of me die
Then I self medicate with broken glass from the floor
Which brings absolution if there's guilt I've endured

But nobody knows this, unless they dig deep
In this life full of chaos from my path that's too steep

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.