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I think we have a breath or two left, give or take

Before the last few ounces of our mistakes rise up to meet the tiny space

Within our pounding heads, where thoughts have raced too fast for absolution to compensate

This box we're in is gonna break!

In a matter of seconds it's gonna take complete control of our mental state


Our ability to think critically has been killed, without a single care for our despair

Against our will, we're given pills that make us conform to social norms

Makes us believe that we are free from all that is and what would be a darker shade of reality

We're taught to hide behind this wall of guilt and shame, (cuz we're to blame?) for losing points in a twisted game

The rules are bent at any time, while those keeping score tell all the lies 


We try to fix what isn't broken

Our honest thoughts are left unspoken

While future adults pay their token of appreciation by living dead

Their feeble minds starved to the core

They walk our footsteps looking for a brighter day that DOES NOT come

Then to their head they bring a gun that ends it ALL


We fear what's different, misunderstood, the "imperfections" that kill the "good". 

Read magazines religiously

Forever praying cuz we want to be just like the buff or size zero

Who play their part of false heroes

They themselves who have been trained to go by looks instead of brains

They writhe in a secret pool of angst that washes away left over bits and pieces of

Forgotten dreams that life ripped at the seams


We hate the mirrors most of all!

They show us what's behind this wall

We turn to run but then we fall

We hit rock bottom and then we crawl

Out of the hole that we dug up

While half asleep with our mouths sewn shut


The cycle then begins again…

Unless we put it to an end

Unless we break the tubes that bind the tainted knowledge feeding our mind

Will you stay put or will you crawl out of your hole beneath that wall?




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.