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Unit Plan Proposal 

Title: World War II 


NCSS Standard: Culture (1)Time, Continuity, and Change (2), Individual Development and Identity (4), and Global Connections (9)

Scope & Sequence: People and Cultures: The Eastern Hemisphere

Time Allotment: 45 Minutes per every lesson 


Number of Lessons: Seven


Grade Level: Six Grade


Big Idea/Theme: Conflict


Historical Period: World War 2  


Lesson 1: Literature


Lesson 2: Audio/Visual Aid


Lesson 3: Map Study


Lesson 4: Field Trip


Lesson 5: Art


Lesson 6: Action Plan/Service Learning


Lesson 7: Role Play


Goals/Objectives: Students will be able to understand World War II and the important major events that have taken place during this historic event.


Modifications: Students who are ELL will have special modifications in each lesson.  Students will be given extended time to complete each assignment.  Visual aids and hands-on activities will also be provided for students with exceptionalities.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.