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Conrad Johnson 

Dr. Hoyte

Education 492 - Student Teaching II

April 9, 2013


Reflection on Science Lesson


            It was time for my second observation. For this observation, I taught a science lesson on how fossils are formed, how to create their own fossils, and how fossil models may be alike or different. Before I had my idea for my science lesson, I did not have a clue as to what I should do for my science lesson. I did know I want my lesson to be hands on, and I could not imagine what I could do with my students. As I collaborated with my cooperating teacher and science cluster teacher, we exchanged different concepts with one another. Ms. Saint-Jean thought I could do a lesson on plants; she thought it would be interesting to have them make predictions on what would happen if we put a plant leaf into food coloring and to see and the leaf will absorb the new color of the water. However, as I thought more about that particular lesson I did not grasp the content knowledge the students would be receiving from that lesson. Ms. Bell shared with me that the students already completed the rocks experiments, so I instantly ruled out anything dealing with rocks. Two weeks prior to me formulating my science lesson, the students planted their own seeds when they had special presenters come to their class. I wanted to stay on the concepts of plants, so it came to me to have the students make leaf fossils.

            The last day of school then it is spring break and I had my second observation. The beginning of the lesson started very rough. When it was time to show my students the video on the smartboard, the audio was too low for the students to hear. On the other hand, the subtitles were on for the students to follow along. Both my cooperating teacher and supervisor both agreed it would have been helpful if I read the subtitle out loud to reinforce what the video was informing the students. It was brought up to my attention by my supervisor that I did not check for understanding after reviewing the video with the students. As the students were moved along to begin working on their guided practice, many students were not focused on the task at hand. When I was distributing the materials to the students it was not clean as to what was the next thing to do. While the students were attempting to master making their fossils on their own, many were asking me how they should make it. My cooperating teacher and I both agreed it would be better to model for my students after they have made an effort to create their own fossils. Due to the time, I ran out of time to complete my lesson. Now I thought what I can do, I was being observed. Is this good or is this bad, many thoughts came rushing into my head.

             So I decided to complete my lesson once the students return from spring break. My supervisor told me that at times teachers can plan a lot for their lesson and the timing will not match. It was time for me to reteach my lesson; I had my students re-watch the video with the audio working. The students were amazed to see their model fossils. In of my education core classes, Education 317, we were taught the 5E Learning Cycle Model, which is to have the students engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. The students engaged in open dialogue about how their fossils will look, they explore how their fossils came out, the students elaborated with their peers the outcome of their fossils, and they evaluated that the fossils had the same exact details of their leaf. Also, the video made a huge emphasis for the students to have a real visual of a fossil while they learned how fossils were made from the brainpopjr instructional video. After reviewing the students’ work it was clear that majority of the students understood the content knowledge of the lesson. Furthermore, there are some areas of improvement for my lesson. Based on the figure below (Table f.g.1) the assignment given to the IEP students (apple group) was suitable for them to understand. Majority of the students received satisfactory and good on their writing entries, their responses were fairly good but lack some details in certain areas.


                                                                                                                                    Table f.g.1






Needs Improvement




















Writing Entries (Grape & Pear Group)




2 (Short Response)


4(Short Response)

2 (Writing Piece)


5 (Short Response)

4 (Writing Piece)


3 (Short Response)

1 (Writing Piece)


Multiple Choice (Apple Group)











DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.