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World War II




Global Connections B:

  • Give examples of conflict, cooperation, and interdependence among individuals, groups, and nations


How can we relate to a character through a text on World War II?


  1. Primary documents
  2. Maps
  3. Literary texts
  4. Audio/visual aids
  5. Graphic organizers
  6. Handouts


Text: “My Daddy Was A Soldier: A World War II Story” By: Deborah Kogan Ray


  • Notebook
  • Graphic Organizer
  • Pencil
  • Chart Paper
  • Pictures of World War II



  1. Basic Skills Development
  2. Procedural knowledge
  3. Information knowledge


  • Students will be able to decode the text using various comprehension strategies. Students will enrich their comprehension skills and pick the appropriate strategies that are suitable for this text.


  • Students will look at various photos of World War II. They will also examine factual events that occurred during WWII.


  • Students will be able to make personal connections to the text and pull out examples from the text to support their connection.


  • Students will use any reading comprehension of their choice if text-to-text is not one they would like to use.


  • Students will retell the text by completing a graphic organizer of the order of which the events transpired for the main character, Jeannie.


  1. Motivation/attention-getter
  2. Review
  3. Content Presentation
  4. Active Learning
  5. Debriefing
  • Students will examine the pictures in the text, “My Daddy Was A Soldier: A World War II Story” and list anything they noticed from the pictures that seemed different to them.


  • My Daddy Was A Soldier: A World War II Story” is a wonderful book to teach students about World War II.

With Ray’s book she accurately reflects specific of girlhood in the United States during the Second World War. Deborah K. Ray’s book takes a look into the life a young girl name Jeannie whose father was drafted in 1943. It shows Jeannie attending a Victory Garden, collecting scrap metal with her wagon, food shopping using a ration book, trying to sleeping during a blackout, writing, and waiting for letters from her father and finding different things to do while her mom is at work.


  • Students will review the book and make predictions before they read the text and note take as they read to see if their predications were indeed true.


  • Students will read the text and find any connections they can make to the main character, Jeannie.


  • Students will list all connections they have made from the text in their notebooks.


  • Once the students are finish reading the text, we will discuss the book as a whole and I will show my students the connections I have made from the text.


  • Students will write in theirs journals on the prompt that is given.


Homework: In Class - Journal writing: Students will finish their in class writing assignment on “If one of your parents was drafted, how you would feel? Why?


Students will be given permission slips for our class trip to New York Historical Society Museum and Library.


I would assess the students’ knowledge of what text-to-text is, how connections they have made and how will they answered the journal prompt with enough supporting details from the text.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.