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Conrad Johnson

Education 355 -001

Dr. Diaz

March 1, 2011



Is Co-education Injurious to Girls

John Dewey


            From the beginning of the article I was getting the impression that schooling was not for girls. To me from the reading, the author made it feel that girls should be in the same school setting as males. “If some colleges for men, that opened their doors to women for the sake of additional numbers-and fees-without having considered whether they could deal justly with them afterward, have been compelled to take back tracks toward segregation, it proves nothing about co-education-whatever it may prove about the judgment of the administrative authorities” (Dewey 156). So from my understanding of this quote, doors were only opened for females when they had additional numbers. Now suppose the “additional number(s)” was only one or two seats. Nonetheless females were put on a waiting less so to speak to get into college. However this dynamic has made a drastic change, the numbers of females in college is far greater than males today.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.