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Web Quest Teaching Reflection

Charlene Gardner

Medgar Evers College

Fall 2010

Doctor Rupam Saran






We all use technology at some time or another, whether at work, school, home or even on the street. As an education major at Medgar Evers College, I am required to enroll in a number of courses one of them being Computers in Education EDUC 350. This course is designed to help bridge technology and the classroom. During the semester, I was given a number of assignments all of which pertained to technology and the classroom.

One of these assignments was to design a web quest and then teach it to an assigned grade. After I designed my web quest and my professor approved it for teaching. The teaching aspect of this course is entitled Early Field Experience Practicum: Technology in the Classroom EDUC 504 which is the co-requisite of my Computers in Education EDUC 350 course.

In order to teach my web quest the first thing I did was to attend a mandatory orientation at PS 249 the school where it had to be taught. At the orientation I gave my contact information to Mrs. Derenzo the computer teacher in order for her to assign a classroom to me. Once she assigned the classroom I told her which day I would be coming in to teach the lesson. I arrived at the school showed my identification to security personnel who pointed me in the direction of the classroom.

The classroom teacher asked me “which students I wanted to work with either the top or the bottom students and I said if it was alright with her I would like to have from each group because I am studying to be a special education teacher.” She assigned one top student and two bottom students. I proceeded to introduce myself to them and we began to work.

They read the instructions and clicked on the links. I gave them a sheet of paper and told them to record the words they did not know. They were excited in the beginning but once they realized they did not know any of these words they said “do we have to write them all and I answered well think about it like this when your teacher does the lesson with you in third grade you could surprise her by knowing all these words.” So they wrote the words because I know all second graders would love to play a game the last link on my web quest was a game to reinforce what they just learnt. Once again they were happy and they each got a turn to play the game.

To my surprise the top student although he was the better reader, he was the most disruptive student and the two girls both had problems spelling words even though they were right in front of their faces. The student who had the most problems with her spelling was the best behaved and she also received the best score on the game. The top student received the second highest score but in my opinion I think it was because of his behavior issues because he seems to understand the work but does not know how to focus. The other bottom student got the lowest score but was very pleasant.

 Overall they completed the task with a few bumps along the way. In critique of my web quest maybe it was not easy enough but I think students need to be challenged. However, the three students all said they liked it especially the game.

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