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Web Quest Reflection

Charlene Gardner

Medgar Evers College

Fall 2010

Doctor Rupam Saran







            Technology is everywhere and it is improving every day. As an Education major at Medgar Evers College, I am required to take a number of courses. One of the courses mandatory courses is Computers in Education EDUC 350. This course is designed to help teacher Candidates bridge technology and the classroom. In order to fulfill the requirements of this course, I was required to complete a number of assignments. They were all designed to help teachers enhance their jobs by using technology.

            One of these assignments was to create a web quest and then teach it to an assigned class. A web quest is just what it name says, an individual searches the web (internet) to find information to answer the question posed in the lesson. It is a way to teach a lesson to a student or have a student teach themselves the lesson by inserting the appropriate links for the student to find the information needed to answer the question posed in the process section of the web quest.

            The first thing I did before I could design my web quest was choose a topic. My professor placed the different topics from various curriculums in an envelope and instructed everyone to pick a topic. She did this so there would not be any biases. I chose the topic force and energy for a second grade classroom. At first I was not very happy because I wanted to do a web quest related to math lesson but I had to get use to the idea of teaching science because as an elementary teacher you do not get to choose what you teach. I eventually got used to the idea and began to research the topic.

            Before the class could begin to design our web quest, our professor asked a previous student who had received an exemplary grade to come in and show us how to go about designing ours. She was very efficient and she answered all the questions we asked her. She even gave us her email address in order to contact her if we needed additional help. Once she left our professor reiterated everything and asked us if we had questions.

            In order to research the topic I search different websites on the computer. Although there was information on force and on energy separately on several sites, I could not find a site that had the two topics together. I consulted my professor who told me to look at the science curriculum and that might help me if not come back to her. I eventually found the topics but under the curriculum for third grade. Now all I needed to do was to differentiate the lesson in order to suit a second grade class.

            I made a rough draft of the information I wanted to include in my web quest, found the pertinent website for the questions I was going to ask, search for clipart and then I proceeded to begin designing my web quest. I followed the instructions given by my professor first I created a folder in order to be able to hyperlink my pages. The next step was to create each page separately and add any graphics. The last step was to hyperlink these documents.

            For some more clarity I viewed other web quest on the internet designed by different individuals. Although I had difficulties in the beginning, I enjoyed designing my web quest once I had all of the information I needed. It took me one day to complete the assignment. How ironic I had to search the web in order to complete my web quest.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.