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Knowledge is the first of eight unit standards of Medgar Evers College- MEC Education Department. The department under this standard expects teachers in training to “possess a comprehensive understanding of the Liberal Arts and Science and Education Foundations content, concepts and modes of inquiry and assessment, and makes connections among disciplines.” These expectations are relevant because as a teacher trainee it is important to have knowledge about the best practices in education, the use of technology and cultural diversity to name a few. The disposition expects teacher candidates to be enthusiastic about teaching and learning.

As evidence for the Knowledge standard, I am submitting a Comprehensive Essay. This assignment was completed in one of my English courses College Composition1, English 112-014. I completed it in the fall of 2009. It was an individual assignment and I was required to read two pieces one from, Writing New York, a Literary Anthology by Phillip Lopate. My evidence speaks to item1.3 of the Knowledge standard which requires that a teacher trainee knows the, “Uses technology proficiently and understands its potential as a tool for teaching and learning.”

 To complete this assignment, I had read the two pieces from the text book in order to write a Comprehensive Essay of five hundred words. I read the pieces three times and made a summary of each of them to prepare for our class discussion. I was asked by my professor to use the internet for research and bring the information to our next class. I goggled all of the names of the individuals and was able to find their autobiographies. There was a list of places named after them and the things they had accomplished all useful information that I would be able to use. My professor also did research and gave handouts the next time we meet. We discussed the pieces in class extensively. My professor used the computer to show pictures and the autobiographies of the individuals during the class. The information in the book was good, but the combined information was even better. I was given the opportunity to gain extra credit for the information I obtained.  I revised my summaries by adding the information I thought was important to them. I did a rough draft and proof read it. My professor gave us the option of turning in a draft to her for comments by a certain time. I took advantage of her generosity and gave her my draft. She said I needed to make a few changes but it an overall good draft. I proceeded to rewrite my compare and contrast analysis of the two pieces. I proof read and then asked my friend to proof read for me. I published my revised piece and turned it into my professor. However, this assignment did not require a reference page.

I was overwhelmed with joy after writing the paper because I knew I aced it. It was not surprising to me when my professor said she was so proud of the entire class. She said she wanted to read some of the papers because they were so well executed. After she read approximately ten of them including mine she congratulated the class once more and proceeded to return the graded papers. I knew I did well but I did not realized how well I did until she gave me my paper. I received an exemplary grade. The exemplary grade I received for this assignment is proof that I embraced the use of technology as both a teaching aid and a learning aid. I as an aspiring teacher am more knowledgeable of how the use technology can help teachers and students with their assignments no matter what age group they fall under because of this I would definitely  use of technology as learning and teaching aid.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.