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Professionalism is the fifth of eight unit standards of Medgar Evers College-MEC Education Department. The department under this standard expects teachers in training to “adopt a reflective practitioner stance toward teaching, learning and collaboration with parents, colleagues and students that embraces inquiry, reciprocity and critique.” The department expects me to develop a disposition of a belief in social justice, ethical behavior and honesty as a professional.

As evidence for the Professionalism standard, I am submitting my Educational Philosophy. This assignment was completed in one of my education Foundation Courses Introduction to the World of the Learner EDUC 102-WID2. It was completed in the spring of 2010. It was an individual assignment. I was expected to write an essay on my Educational Philosophy. My evidence speaks to the item 5.7 of the Professionalism standard which requires me as a teacher trainee to “demonstrate openness to learning and growing as a professional.”

To complete this assignment, I had to first go to my CUNY Portal Blackboard account for my course section assignments and print and complete the inventory of philosophy of education that consisted of twenty-eight questions in order to review it in class.  My professor provided the questions which were based on the different philosophies and your answers determined your philosophy. Upon completion of this inventory I had to print a table of philosophies of education in order to review the different definitions of the philosophies. This table was provided under the section of course documents in my CUNY Portal Blackboard account. I also had to print a copy of the guidelines provide in my CUNY Portal Blackboard account under the course documents section. I proceeded to print two copies of educational philosophies one from my CUNY Portal Blackboard account under the external links section and the other from online in order to have two different pieces for comparison. I consulted my syllabus for the required length and my course text book “Becoming a Teacher” chapter three for further information that was required to go into the completion of my Educational Philosophy. I wrote a rough draft and consulted my professor. He pointed out my mistakes which caused me to re read my text, the guidelines and the other relevant information. I left out very pertinent information, so I had to rewrite my entire essay, edited and proof read it. I consulted my professor again and he said to review the chapter once more. I did and I made the suggested changes, edited, proof read and had a friend proof read for me. I then proceeded to publish my revised essay and turned it in for my final grade.

The exemplary grade I received for this assignment proved how I demonstrated my openness to learning and growing as a professional. I was not afraid to learn from my mistakes and asking question and seeking help when I needed it helped me to grow. I as a teacher trainee would be open to learn from my students and to grow with them. My educational philosophy is truly reflected through the Professionalism item 5.7. I believe I have developed some of the disposition required under the Professionalism Standard of MEC- Education Department



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.