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Effective Communication

Effective Communication is the sixth of eight unit standards of Medgar Evers College MEC- Education Department. The department under this standard expects teachers in training to “speak and write in appropriate registers depending on audiences and purposes and demonstrate comprehensive fluency in numeracy.” These expectations are relevant because teacher in training should be scholars who engage in inquiry to create effective learning for learners. As a teacher trainee the department expects me to have a disposition of being open to constructive critique.

As evidence for the Effective Communication unit, I am submitting a power point presentation. This was an individual assignment. It was completed in one of my Art foundation courses Introduction to World Art 100-005. It was completed in the spring of 2010. The assignment was given in place of a midterm examination. It would determine my midterm grade. My evidence speaks to item 6.2 of the Effective Communication standard which requires me as a teacher trainee to know how to “use technology as an efficient and innovative means of communication.”

In order to complete this assignment my professor provided specific instructions. I wrote the requirements. The assignment required that I visited the Brooklyn Museum of Art in order to support my local museum. In order to complete the assignment I had to choose one piece of art either from Africa or Egypt; however, there was one stipulation, I could not choose the piece of art which was located at the front of the museum. The reason for this stipulation was my professor wanted to make sure I viewed art located throughout the museum. I chose two pieces of art which I thought were interesting. Two of the instructions I had to follow include show proof of my visit to the museum and copying the information from the plaque which described the art. I researched the two pieces of art online and found more information about one of the pieces. I wrote the information which I thought was prevalent to my presentation.  I began to write the order I wanted my presentation to go in and I proofed read and made the appropriate edits. I choose the background for my power point presentation. I found additional pictures of the piece I was presenting on and copied and paced it unto my power point presentation. I made the necessary adjustments to the power point with the pictures. I did a mock presentation the weekend before my assignment was due in order to time myself and be comfortable with my presentation.

I introduced myself and began my presentation to the class and my professor. In the beginning I was a little nervous, but I eventually relaxed and continued with my presentation. I received a competent grade for my presentation. This presentation made me more open to constructive critique, so I am now willing to learn from my mistakes that in order to be able to create an effective learning experience for learners.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.