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Creativity is the fourth of eight unit standards of Medgar Evers College- MEC Education Department. The department under this standard expects me as a teacher in training to, conceptualize, design and develop imaginative and innovative work.  These expectations are relevant because as a teacher trainee it is important that I become a change agent who is committed to transforming myself, my schools and my communities. The department believes that I should posse’s critical awareness and critical pedagogy, as defined by Carter G. Woodson and Paulo Freire because these are the cornerstones of transformation. I as a teacher candidate should have a disposition of enthusiastic about teaching and learning.

As evidence for the Creativity standard, I am submitting a Synthesis Essay. This assignment was completed in my College Composition 2 course, English 150-002. I completed it in the spring of 2010. It was individual assignment. I was required to read three pieces, two from, Writing New York, a Literary Anthology by Phillip Lopate and the other from an online data base. My evidence speaks to item 4.2 of the Creativity standard which requires a teacher trainee to conceptualize and implement multiple strategies of teaching and learning”.

In order to complete this assignment, I read the two pieces from the text and the one from the online data base which my professor provided. Before this assignment was given my professor gave the class a library assignment, so we could familiarize ourselves with online data bases and the Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting procedures. The assignment was to be written in MLA format and its required length was between six to eight pages not including the works cited page. I was instructed by my professor to read each piece and made notes before my next class. I was curious to know more about the individuals I was reading about, so I did some online research to find more information that could help me to write the required length of my assignment. There was an in class assignment to write a summary of each piece, so I consulted my notes. My professor provided an example of what a MLA in text citation, and works cited page should look like. She proceeded to place this information on CUNY’s Portal blackboard account under my course section for my reference. I wrote down a rough draft first and proceeded to write my draft of the essay. I proofed read it and made the necessary adjustments. My professor gave the class an opportunity to gain fifteen extra credit points if we handed in a draft by a certain day and she provided consultations if we wanted to discuss our draft and any suggestions she had written on them. I took advantage of the opportunity and met with her on two occasions. I took the suggestions she provided and rewrote my assignment. I proof read it and edited it. I logged on to my CUNY blackboard account under my course section link of course documents to review the works cited example provided by my professor in order to compare it to the one I had written.

I handed my completed revised paper into my professor for my final grade which was worth twenty-five percent of my final overall grade. I received an exemplary grade for my assignment and I received the maximum extra credit points allotted. Learning a new writing format and my willingness to want to learn more proves that I as a teacher trainee grasped the concepts and implemented multiple learning strategies and I am willing to pass on what I have learnt to others.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.