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Analytical Ability

            Analytical Ability is the third of eight unit standards of Medgar Evers College – MEC Education Department. The department under this standard expects teacher in training to “effectively and comprehensively deconstruct texts to uncover hidden meanings, to make connections, to draw inferences and to develop multiple perspectives toward various ideas and issues.” These expectations are relevant because teachers in training should be able to acquire cultural literacy. Culture is a complex set of relationships that expresses a people’s ideas, beliefs and knowledge and that the representations of cultural ideology in art, music, literature and philosophy are fluid and ever changing as cultures interact with other cultures and with changing historical times. The department also expects me to develop a reflective practice disposition about teaching and learning.

            As evidence for the Analytical Ability unit, I am submitting my CUNY Proficiency Examination (CPE).  This assignment was completed in one of my education Foundation courses, Introduction to the World of the Learner EDUC 102- WID2. It was completed in the spring of 2010. It was an individual or group assignment. I was expected to go to my CUNY Portal Blackboard account in order to find the assignment. The completion of this assignment would prepare me as a teacher in training, under Analytical Ability standard 3.1: “to effectively and comprehensively deconstruct text to uncover hidden meanings; to discern points of views that shape texts and to make connections between the texts, their personal experiences, and other related texts.”

In order to complete this assignment, I followed instructions given by my professor.  I took notes of the example he gave and asked questions for clarity during our class discussion. I proceeded to download the required text from my CUNY Portal Blackboard account from my course section under the course information link. I read the portion of my syllabus that pertained to the CPE. I printed two hard copies of the texts provided. I also consulted a friend who had done his CPE the semester before to provide extra clarification. To complete the assignment, I studied the graph and the text and followed the directions given to help with my interpretation   and analysis. I compared the text to the graph to uncover hidden meaning between them and make connections.  I had to read the text several times to compare the claims. After I made a draft of the texts, I proof read and edited twice to ensure my claims were supporting the evidence provided. I compared my claims with another classmate and confirmed that we had the same information. I publish my examination and turned it in to my professor.

            The exemplary grade I received for this assignment proved that I learnt how to effectively and comprehensively deconstruct text and uncover its hidden meaning. I have developed the skills, acquired the knowledge, and developed a reflective practice disposition about learning and teaching. I as an aspiring teacher has successfully fulfill the requirements of the third unit standard Analytical Ability of MEC- Education Department

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.