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Children’s Reflections of Web Quest

Charlene Gardner

Medgar Evers College

Fall 2010

Doctor Rupam Saran




On completion of my web quest I asked the students to write a couple of sentences tell me what they thought of it. I have attached their reflections to the back of this paper. I did not help them in any way so their reflections are not perfect there are spelling errors. However I am making the appropriate corrections on this paper.

Top student wrote “On Monday I learned about force and energy. I liked it and it was long because I had to do a great deal of writing and to take a test. But it was worth it because I got to go on the computer and I played a game.” Bottom student one wrote “On Monday I went on the computer. We learned about force and energy and we were allowed to play a game (a guessing game).” Bottom student two wrote “On Monday I was learning and I was doing a test on the computer. It took a long time but I liked it and the sentences.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.