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        The Introduction to the world of Learners (Education 102) which is taught by Dr. Rosalina Diaz had required students to do service learning project where everyone had to decide on ways to help improve the community. The Education Department defines collaboration which I standard #7 as candidates work “effectively with other constituencies by seeking out others ideas valuing multiple points of views and building cooperative relationships. To be more specific objective “7.2 states that candidates “work effectively with parents, cooperating teachers, peers, administrators, and members of the community”.

     I think that it is good to work in groups with your classmates because when we become educators there are going to be times when we have no other choice but to do so. By working in different groups we get to meet people we never did before. If we keep on working alone or with the same people we would never get to explore more things.

         I do not like working on group projects at times only because it could be challenging. In most groups that I have done in the past there are always one or two people that are either lazy or do not show up at all. This is something that gets me very annoyed but I manage to pull everything together.

The service learning group that we did for Dr. Diaz’s class was fun. I enjoyed working with the people in my group. We all did what had to be done and everyone showed up for the meetings. The day that we went to the school everyone came, we broke up into two different groups, read the stories that we had available and did a crossword puzzle at the end. Most important everything was certainly organized. Nothing was out of place and nothing backfired on us.

Due to the fact that the group chose to do the read aloud we got very good practice. We are practicing reading to the children because we are going to be doing this all the time once we get in the classroom. The more I keep on doing this the more comfortable I will be.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.