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                                                Commitment and Care

            Education 152 which is the introduction to Special Education has a few assignment which are mandatory to complete in order to successfully pass the course. Professor Sharon Porter assigned us a assignment called a movie review. The this project worked is that we have to pick a movie from the list that she gave us, which focuses on individuals with special needs. The Education department defines standard #8 Commitment and care as candidates practice social justice with others, believe that  all children can learn, hold high expectations themselves, and carry out sustained commitment to teaching and learning. Objective 8.2 is goes into details about candidates interact in a just and fair manner, respecting and valuing the diversity of students and their particular talents and disabilities.

            My main goal is to become a principal after a few years of teaching. I had been researching all of the requirements and certifications that I need in order to become a administrator. Then I thought about something else. What I become a principal what if I get placed in a school that is not performing well at all. How would I fix things? How would I get the school to function the way it use to when the school first opened. What if we are talking about a building where everything from classroom management, having textbooks, scoring poorly on the state exams violence etc. What are some steps I could take to get through that mess?

            For the movie review in Porter’s class the movie I had chosen to watch was Lean on Me with Morgan Freeman. The movie was mainly about a man determine to fix the school that he once worked at many years ago before becoming a principal at an elementary to function properly again. After he was transfer back to his old school to be a principal there Mr. Carter was able within a limited amount of time was able to fix all of the problems in the school. Yes, there were many ups and down while he was in the process of trying to get things back in order but principal Carter managed to get the job done. He was organized and knew exactly what he wanted.

            After I saw this movie I found a good solution to my problem. In a situation which Morgan Freeman’s character was in I need to find out exactly how the school use to function when it first opened versus what I have to deal with in the present. The most important thing in any school is controlling student’s behavior. Then I have to find out how to improve the test scores and most important thing of all is organization. If I am not organized then my school will  go deep down the toilet. So in order to prevent myself from looking bad I have to know what I want, how I want things to function and know where everything is at all time.

            I am the type od individual that cares about everybody including children. If I see that anyone is in need of assistance then of course I am going to help them out. When it comes to my children if the school environment is not functioning the way it should be, no one is learning anything or getting attention that is needed from educators, I will find a solution to the problem. There is absolutely no way that students will go to any school and not learn something. My future school will not function that way either. If that is the case then what is the point of going to school. Children regardless of their age are our number one priority and their education.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.