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                                            Effective Communication


            In the spring semester of 2009 I had taken Freshman Seminar Two with Dr. Charles Jones. One of the requirements in order to pass his class was that we had to a power point presentation on our plans for the future once we graduated from college. This assignment best matches the Educational Department standard #6 Effective Communication because part of what had to be done was that we had to not only to our classmates but to other guess that came to the class that day such as the president and makes them convince that we really want to do whatever is that me and our class mates want. Effective Communication is best described by the education department as “Candidates speak and write in appropriate registers depending on audiences and purposes and demonstrate comprehensive fluency in numeracy”. To be more specific, the standard states that education candidates “Use technology as an efficient and innovative means of communication”.

            Whenever I have to do a fun project like the one I am discussing right now, I really work hard. I take my time and make sure that my assignments are clear and that it has a meaning to it. I always want to people to know that I take all of my school work seriously and whenever I do a power point presentation or any type of presentation I put as much I effort into it as possible. At the end of the day those that you are showing your work to do I have to be persuaded that your very serious about what you are doing. When I showed everybody my presentation, everyone was amazed. They loved the designs, pictures, the color I used and overall how I set up everything as far as my goals and the steps I will have to take in order to get they.

            When I was first told that I had to do a power point presentation, I was really nervous because I never done one at all. So of course I had to learn how to use it but Dr. Jones showed us how because I wasn’t the only one how was clueless about setting up a power point. After he showed us how to work it, within the short about of time that I had to get the project completed I was able to set of my slides, add color, designs, pictures, how I had interviewed because we had to for shadowed someone who works in the field that we want to persuade and most important writing the main points of my presentation such as my plans for the future etc. At the end everyone including the professor like it. I was very clear from beginning to end and people understood where I was coming from. Some of my classmates was motivated to present their goals to the class I read my to them because I was the first one to presentation.

            In my presentation I discussed I wanted to do such as my career, why I had chosen to go down this path, the steps I will take to get they, any certification, what I had to do on the job etc.  So I set this all up on each slide and altogether I ended up with 20 slides. I was very proud of myself because within a limited amount of time I was able to get all of this done and completed. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to do set up a point power. Since then I been doing it for other classes and in the club that I am in and it is a piece a cake to me now.

            At the conclusion of this assignment, I learned that sharing your ideas with people is important. If you come across some who does not know exactly what they want to major in, but they have the same interest in you whether it is children or trains and you already have a major, that individual is in good friends. In my case, I could probably show them my power point presentation and that would motivate them to make up their minds. In addition , I think that is a good way to connect with other individuals because you never know what may happen down the line such as you guys becoming partners in anything work related or not or working at the same job.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.