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                In the spring semester of 2010 I took Education 502 which is the co requisite for Education 152 the Introduction to Special Education. Professor Charles Ray was the one who supervised the course overall and the students that when to the orientation. The purpose of doing Education 502 was to observe students in diverse and inclusive P-6 setting and understand the nature and needs of our children. At the conclusion of observing classes we had to write a paper explaining mainly on what we had seen in the classroom and the entire school community The education Department defines professionalism as candidates adopting a reflective practitioner stance towards teaching, learning and collaboration with parents, colleagues and students that embraces in query, reciprocity and critique. Objective 5.8 goes more into details stating that candidates "Demonstrate openness to learning and growing as a professional".

            One thing I had learned while preparing myself to become an education course is that teaching a special education course is not easy at all. When you are teaching classes with children who do not sit down for one second or have behavior problem you must have a lot of patience. The teacher has to be one step ahead of their students all of the time. You have to make sure each child is in their seat and not causing a dangerous situation for their peers, you and themselves. When it comes to the child learning the material you have no choice but to be understanding and respect the fact that they may not be as advance as you would want them to be like a student in regular education.

            When I did my observations for the field experience some of what was mentioned in the previous paragraph. They were students getting up out of their seat, playing fighting with one another and making noise. I expected this kind of behavior to occur in a small setting but instead this saw this going on in a CTT class. A CTT class is a main stream program that has two teachers and one of them is a special education teacher. A CTT class has 30 students in a class. Half of them are in Regular Education and the other half are Special Education. Professor Porter had told us something which makes sense. Just because a child missed behaves in class, it does not mean that he or she needs to be evaluated for special services. The work that the teacher assigns to the students to do might be something that is far above their grade level. If the child is in six grade and you give him or her work that a first grader could do than that is a big problem. School work should be assigned based on the student’s grade level.

            I do agree with Professor Porter because after thinking carefully about what she had said in class behavior could be someone control. For example if you are teaching a special education class the lesson plan should be properly. I think that the classwork should be something that that the children should not be able to complete very fast. Give them something it would take them at least 10 minutes to complete and this way the child may still in their seat more.

            Another thing that I came to realize is that people should think about the choices they make before doing something. IF you know that you are not the type of person that likes to take their time, then do teach Special Education. Do not decide to work with this setting because of the fact that there are fewer students because special Education is very challenging and there are many things that you will have to do day in and day out. There are not only small classes in special education they are main stream courses too.

            I was a special education student for many years and I know exactly what it is like to deal with all of the challenges. I hope that in a couple of years I will be certified to become a special education teacher. I want to become a special education teacher because I will be able to relate to the students better than anyone else because I was in their shoes once. When the students see me and hear what I went through in order to get to the point I am at in the future, they themselves will be inspired to be just like me. This is what teaching is all about, helping the children become leaders regardless if they are in regular education or special education.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.