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                        Personal and Global Consciousness

          In the fall semester of 2010 I took Education 102 which is the Introduction to the World of learning taught by Dr Rosalina Diaz from the Educational department. One of the assignments which we had to complete in this course was writing an autobiography about our life experience in school before coming to college and making connections to the stories we had read in class. The Education department defines Personal and Global Consciousness as candidates who  examine, deconstruct, and reconstruct their own and others belief, values and perspective to understand their own cultures and to develop empathy and acceptance towards others’ cultures. To be more specific the standard states that candidates understand how language culture, and familiar back group interact with learning.

         Writing about me has always been an easy thing for me to do. I know every move I make and the choices I chose to flow with. But the only problem is that writing and typing it is not fun at all. I had to write an autobiography for my portfolio which is already hard work as it is. However it is not easy making connections to the readings that with read in class. We had to read at least 18 – 20 stories and Dr. Diaz wanted us to pick at least 3 stories and make connections between the characters in the story and our experience with education. I was able to do that but it had taken me awhile to find exactly what I had wanted to add in my paper. I had wanted to give so badly but ended up not doing so because I always manage to get through my school work and complete it.

         The first time I did the paper I did not listen to the professor instructions carefully. So as a result I had to do it over including the entire class because no one included their stories. However at the end of the of the day I made sure that whatever had to be completed was done. I did not concern myself about other people and what they did. The second time around I got the assignment completed. The paper was typed in the correct format as it was the first time and all three stories were in my paper.

          So I learned my lesson the vey hard way. I learned that when Dr. Diaz or anyone gives me instructions I must listen to them carefully. If I choose not to then things will be just as hard the second time around. The key word of the day is listening. By listen to people life would just be easier.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.