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            In the fall semester of 2009 I took English 209 with Professor A. Green from the English department. One of the assignments that was assigned to us in order to pass the course  was to write a literacy autobiography . We had to basically connect our personal experience to the children books that we read in the class. This assignment fits into  the Education department’s standard #1 which is Knowledge. Knowledge is defined by out college as candidates process a comprehensive understanding of the Liberal Arts are sciences and Education foundations content, concept and modes of inquiry and makes connections among discipline. The standard states more specifically that candidates should understand child development, characteristics and needs as well as the exceptionalities and the impact these conditions have on development and performances of children.

            I am often good at comparing anything that has happen in my personal life and making connections to what I may have seen in school. I will admit that something like this is not as easy task because you have to think very hard. If your professor ask you to compare and contrast a story , movie or even a skit you are doing in class to something that happen in your life then you have to try to think and remember if you were in any similar situation. Chances are you may some type of background experience to the books but you may not recall and as time goes by your memory will come back to you.

            Last fall when I had took English 209 I did experiences having difficulties connecting the books we read in class to my life. I had to write a literacy Autobiography paper. The purpose of this assignment was for me to refer back to the books we had read with Professor Green and compare any scene from the story to something I went through in the past in my personal life . It did take me a while because at one point wasn’t sure a I even been through any of these things that the characters did in the story. But then I starting to think about my former class mates from the past and the thing that they did good or bad according to the books I had chosen to add in my report. Therefore I talked about my former classmates and compare them to the characters in the story and then at some point I started to think about something that both I and the characters in the book went through and added the information in my paper.

            I am going to be honest I was nervous because thought do not feel a hundred percent sharing certain information with other people. For example if I was only able to recall back to something that I believed was embarrassing then I would not want to talk about it in my paper. The reason why is because when it comes to certain things I do care about what people think about me. As I was moving along and doing my paper I thought about some more things that I could add in my paper. It was something that I would feel comfortable talking about in my paper. After doing this assignment I felt relax.

I did realize that it is always go to share something that I went through in the past to other people. It may be embarrassing or not but other people could learn from your mistakes and prevent themselves from heading down the same road as you. If I did not write about my experience learning how to deal with money or how my former classmate used to behave himself in the classroom then that individual who might be going through something similar will continue to find difficulties. The lesson I learn is never doubt myself and do not be afraid to share information with people.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.