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MY Report on Frisk and Search

Professor R. Green

Tyrell Paul

History 200





     The Twenty-second president of the United States Grover Cleveland once said “A government for the people must depend for its success on the intelligence, the morality, the justice, and the interest of people themselves…”.What Cleveland means by this statement is that the government depends on the help of the people in order for things to run smoothly and they should also have a say on every issue that may occur. Today there are places that have democracy meaning that people don’t have a saying on what is happening around them and all decision are made by government official. Imagine today if we had that can of problem here in New York City where David Paterson and Bloomberg made choices for everyone without else giving our own opinion then not too many people would want to live here. Over the long period of time things are improving due to certain events that took occur many years ago going back between the seventeen thru eighteen hundreds. If it wasn’t for these parties who got involved and did what they felt was the right thing to do then things might be different today.

       Thomas Paine a very important person wrote a pamphlet called “Common sense”. The reason why he wrote this because he wanted to see a change the way how things were operating instead of having monarchy take over people’s rights and freedom. Common sense is a document that was created on January 10, 1776 by an Englishman. The purpose of this was to start a “constitutional government” in England. He didn’t like the fact that one particular person was being sentence to capital punishment which is why he ended up in prison from a period of time. After he was sentenced in France he wrote has next selection “The age of reason” which caused some tension between Paine and his friends and families. He luckily dodged being executed for not doing his part of making sure to execute the individual. Paine was a man who was all about peace and he was “staunchly anti – slavery” according to sources.

       Another document that made a change for people was the “Magna Carta”. The Magna Carta is an article that reduces the amount of power that a king or anyone in charge has on the people. The whole purpose of them doing this was because they wanted king john to stick by the “old English laws” existed long before he was the ruler. The individual who wrote the “Magna Carta” was Archbishop Stephen Langton. The document was original called the “Articles of the Baron” which was written originally on June 10, 1215. There is another name for the “Magna Carta” which is The “Great Charter”. The “Great Charter” is the same as the United States Constitution and the bill and rights that all three basically states that people have the right shouldn’t be deprived anybody’s freedom should be taken from them at all unless it can be proven that the person didn’t something illegal.

       A man named Voltaire helped create a document called the “Enlightenment”. The purpose of him writing this was because of past incidents regarding him being arrested partly because of expressing his believes on religion. The purpose of the enlightenment is basically for them to know about what rights they have and being able to have freedom of speech. Before this people have Mr. Voltaire was arrested and imprisoned for speaking aggressively about the government and going against the catholic churches as well as writing things that people found as offensive. He did not believe in the way that the church was worshiping god. In his writings he would offer mention “If good did not exist it would be necessary to invent him”. Voltaire saw himself as a deist .A deist is someone who believes that god created the earth but ditched it and let everything go down the drain. When he moved from France to England to avoid move trouble which he gotten himself into for listening to John Locke and Isaac Newton for criticizing the catholic churches the French government got him into hot water he decided to freedom for him as well as others to get freedom of expression. By having this law this gives everyone the right to state their opinions whatever they want without the possibility of getting into any legal issues which is why Voltaire created the “Enlightenment”.

     Niccolo Machiavelli was the man behind the creation off “The Prince”. He was always interested in politics patriotism. The purpose of him writing the pamphlet because he was dismissed after Medici ruled in favor of Florence causing the Republics to be put down and leaving Mr. Machiavelli without a job. After that occur Machiavelli came up with the idea to write the “the Prince” as well as another book because he thought by creating a story about Medici goals in his honor would be a good idea but that plan backfired when people started to have a bad reaction to it and Medici wasn’t happy at all which mean that Machiavelli was for sure not getting back his job. That is why he made the book but know he has a very bad reputation around town due to the action.

     A man named Jean-Jacques Rousseau who was born on June 28, 1712 was a philosopher, writer, and composer. He did believe that people should live their lives freely under one condition. He also thought that everyone should have rules so people don’t end up doing whatever they please but at the same time be able to make their own decisions. In other words he wanted there to be a balance of liberty and regulations. He came up with the idea to establish a new document called Social Contract. A “Social Contract” is “an agreement by which the people band together for their preservation.” according to resource. The “sovereign” which is part of the supreme authority was a part of getting this new document up and running. Going back to The Social Contract the key things to remember are legitimate and political authority. Legitimate deals with setting up rules and principles and the Political Authority is pretty much figuring out which who’s in charge of a town and people have the right to choose who they want in office.

        Peter Zenger was a very interesting case from New York which involves the “Freedom of the Press”. In 1733 Zenger had started his news paper in New York and things seem to be going alright. However Zenger was accused of “seditious libel” and eventually he was arrested and thrown in prison on November 17, 1734. He had spent approximately eight years in jail. The issue with this case is that everyone has the right to say whatever speak on any issue at 12 want as well    The reason for this arrest was because of a article that was printed out from the company where he work which many believed that he wrote which wasn’t the case. Another man who also worked they actually did the writing of the article in question. An attorney from Philadelphia who name is Andrew Hamilton represented him in court. Hamilton clear stated in court that states he can’t be charged with anything simplify because he didn’t nothing and they can’t prove it .The case was drop because they was a “not guilty” verdict.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.