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Tyrell Paul

English 209-Section001-Children’s Literature

Professor Adero-Zaire Green



         So far this semester we had read a few interesting children books. Some of the stories we had done were “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, “How Much I love You?” and many more. These sounds like something that my future students would like if I read this in the classroom. Have any of these books have some bring back some memories of things would had done in grade school or perhaps someone you know could’ve  been down that same exact as the characters in the story .Chicka Chicka Boom Boom written by Bill Martin and John Archambalt  and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. And Where The Wild Things Are? Written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak reminds me of my learning process and finding ways to learn new things. The older stories made my think about someone I know. No matter what books you may come across whether it’s during this course, grade school, or anywhere else there’s a possibility that something in the book will take you back to past history.

        Chicka Chicka Boom Boom   reflects back to my early childhood life because in a way it van help a little child to learn the alphabets and learning how to help people out in time of need. By both reading and looking at the illustration you’ll see Letters are helping each other trying to get each other up the tall tree. By doing  that not only are the kids learning the alphabets by team work comes in to play because at the end all the letters fall out  of the leaves on the tree onto the ground. Now that every is tangled up each letter assist one another by untangling the other. By the third, fourth ,and fifth grades students should already know their alphabets and numbers however the second grade and under may still to have trouble learning these things and it’s  important to make sure they learn this stuff.

      During my time in elementary school I did have trouble with counting money. Dollars bills had no issue dealing with that but counting change I sure did have problems counting those. I knew that a quarter was twenty-five cent and that two quarters make fifty. On the other side dimes and nickels just threw me off board because in math the teacher would have us take a group of coins from pennies to quarters and make us add them up. Now that I’m older I think about that all the time it seems so easy to learn something so small but everyone is different. In order for me to learn so I that you unintelligent later in my Adulthood the math teacher tried to find a very easy way for me to get this. She did something a little similar to “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” but for example lets say she wanted us to add two dollars and forty-three cents   using the coins we would take all the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and separate them into different groups. Then we would take all the quarters and go twenty-five cent plus twenty- cents equals fifty cents and so on until we got two dollars and thirty -five cents. Then one dime plus two dollars twenty-five equals Two dollars and Thirty-five cents. Afterwards Two dollars and thirty fives plus one nickel is two dollars and forty cents plus add three pennies equals and finally we end up getting two dollars and forty-three cents. As m elementary days flew by I started to get a little better at counting money.

      When I read “Where The Wild Things Are” it reminded me of my former classmate back in the third grade. He and the character in the story are the same because they’re both had fresh mouths .Max the main character was fresh to his mother and he told his mother that “I’LL EAT YOU UP” (pg107) due to the fact that she called him “WILD THING” (pg107).As you go on reading the story you’ll see that the boy is totally out of control. My former classmate I don’t know how he was at home but in school he was disrespectful to the teachers and paraprofessionals. He would make rude remarks about them which I can’t repeat because it would be inappropriate for me to write it on the assignment. He used to jump on the tables and draw on the walls and when the authority figures told him to stop he would tell them to shut up. I think he had either some type of behavior or mental problem. Something about him didn’t seem right with him at all. I s this the type of book I want to read in my classroom? No why because just  reading the first two pages the students will think that it’s ok to disobey their parent and elder’s as well as jumping all over the place.

       In conclusion everyone there are certain books out there that may or may not remind you of your experience in elementary school. There all other times were a certain book might make you remind of people you knew as well like a friend or in my case a classmate. We also learn differently from each other and at times it may be a long process but eventually it will happen. Most important all thing that we may remember doing as a child or reading a certain stories this semester we can use them in our classroom when starting to teach. A event from the past will  come back to you as time goes from reading books.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.