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Race and Respect Amongst Young Children

Education 102

Tyrell Paul

Dr. R. Diaz



  After reading this story I believe that it was interesting. When you become an educator there are a lot of things that you have to be aware of. One of them is respect amongst  your students in your classroom or the entire school building depending on your title. You may be a teacher or a principal. It doesn’t what your age is people should always have respect for one another especially in front of children because when kids see adults behaving in a certain way they will pick up on it right away. It is your duty as either a parent or teacher to make sure that your kids treat their peers the same exact way they would like to be treated. They shouldn’t be going around and talking about people, calling them names or disrespecting one another’s religion which is a major issue in our society today. I think that in schools all over the world if we continue to do activities where we have the kids learn about the different types of things people do within their cultures including the types of foods that they eat everyone would not only have a better understanding but eliminate the amount of crimes that are involving hate crime towards people backgrounds. So far some schools are making sure that this problem doesn’t worsen and I have to say it is working great.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.