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Communicating with your child/children

Parent: Hi (child’s name), how was your day at school today?


Child: Oh mom/dad, my day was great and I had a-lot fun at recess.


Parent: Oh that’s great let me hear all about it.


Child: Will go into details of everything


Parent: Wow, it sounds like you had a real active day.  What about your subjects, what did you learn in school today?  Do you have any homework?


Child:  Yes my day was great.  In math we learned about division and multiplying by 2’s.  In English we have new spelling words and we have to write them out 3x so we can remember them for the spelling test.  In science we learned about the layers of the skin and it was so cool.


Parent: Oh it sounds like you learned a-lot. I would love it if later after you finish your homework, maybe you can teach me what you learned today.  I would love to learn about the skin and what’s so cool about it.  We can role play and I will be your student and you can be the teacher.


Child: (laughs) Ok, but what if I don’t understand everything mom/dad?


Parent: its ok, we will learn together and if you are having any difficulties in your work, we can ask the teacher for help and assistance on what we can do to make it less difficult for the both of us.


Child: Ok mom/dad. When I am finish with my homework we will go over it together and I will teach you everything I know.


Parent: Great sweetie, I will start to prepare dinner and we will role play after we eat.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.