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Bitter, G.C. & Legacy, J.M. (2008). Using Technology in the Classroom Boston, MA: Pearson


Access to New York State Education Department Standards



Access to the National Educational Technology Standards



Access to the National Educational Technology Standards for Students



Access to the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers





Students will:

1)                  Objective 3: Investigate and evaluate twelve web sites in content areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing, Reading/Language Arts, and Arts. Provide 2 sites in each content area.  Review sites using chapter 8 Educational Website Review Guide.   Group presentation.  

2)                  [Due 9/11/2010]

3)                  Objectives 1 and 6: Design an Assistive technology teacher resource to teach exceptional children in inclusion or self contained classroom. This will be a Power Point presentation that you will present in class.

[Due 9/25/2010]

4)                  Objective 2: Develop a multidisciplinary lesson,  

incorporating  4 different types of technology. [Submit Lesson Plan Outline.

[Due 10/16/2010]

5)                  Final Multidisciplinary Unit Due [Due 10/30/2010]

6)                  Objective 4: Design a Web Quest. [Due11/13/2010]

7)                  Objective 2: Apply a rubric to assess the Web Quests of peers.  Web Quest presentation.

[Due 11/20/2010]

8)                  Objectives 5 and 7: Construct an Electronic Portfolio [Due 12/04/2010]

9)                  Objective 3: Apply National Education Technology Standards for self-evaluation. [Due 12/04/2010]


Signed forms documenting fifteen hours of field experience (which includes the 3 hour orientation session) are due by 12/18/2010


                 Final Exam   5/22/2010


Reading and Home work Policy: You will give your feedback (not a summary) on assign reading chapters. These assignments are due at the beginning of each class when the corresponding chapter will be discussed. Home work will be collected on the due date. No late homework.


Late Assignments

Assignments are due on the dates listed in the syllabus. Grades for late assignments may be reduced. The Professor reserves the right not to accept Assignments 1, 2 or 3 after one week of due date. Web Quests must be approved by the professor prior to presentation at the field experience site.



Each course has an Education Department mandated learning experience, which is based on Unit Standards or Special Professional Association standards for the course.  Each candidate must include the learning experience in his/her portfolio under the appropriate standard(s), the candidate’s  reflection on the learning experience and its relationship to the standard(s), the completed assessment rubric, and the actual grade based on the assignment and the reflection.



Students are expected to attend every session on time. If an emergency arises and a student is absent, the student is expected to contact the professor and set up an appointment to review missed instruction. All students are expected to provide a working telephone number and email address on the first day of class.



            Access to the internet

            Access to Netscape Navigator 7.2

            Regular Access to Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007

            A Flash Drive

A working email account



  • As indicated in the MEC Academic Integrity and Honesty Policies and Procedures Handbook


Academic dishonesty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Cheating, forgery, plagiarism and collusion in dishonest acts undermine the College’s educational mission and the student’s personal and intellectual growth.  Medgar Evers College students are expected to bear individual responsibility for their work and to uphold the ideal of academic integrity.  Any student who attempts to compromise or devalue the academic process will be sanctioned- MEC Academic, Integrity and Honesty Policies & Procedures Handbook.




1)   January 30, 2010              Introduction, e-mail, Blackboard, World Wide Web, Exam

NETS;             Teachers and Students –

Home work: Read chapters 3&4


2) February 6, 2010                Assistive Technology. Explore Mylabschool.

                                                     HW: Reading chapters 6 & 7       


February 13/2010 No Class


2)      February 20, 2010            Planning an authentic, student centered, multidisciplinary

learning experience

HW: Read Chapters 8 & 9 (Assignment 1 due)


3) February  27, 2010              Lesson Planning/ Technology Integration for Social

Studies, History, Geography and Problem Solving Tech 


4) March 06, 2010                     Multidisciplinary lesson planning

Read Chapter 11

 (Assignment 2 Due)


3)      March  13, 2010                  Mathematical Modeling: Spreadsheets,  Logo, GSP

HW:  Read 13 &14,  explore web and bring an article about  WebQuest


7) March  20, 2010                 Web Quest Design/Analyzing a web quest

                                               (Assignment 3 Due)


8) March 27, 2010                  Web Quest Design


April 3, 2010 No Class


4)      April 10, 2010                  Web Quest Presentations (Assignments 4 Due)


5)      April 17, 2010                   Web Pages as electronic portfolios Read Chapter 15


6)      April 24, 2010                   Creating an electronic portfolio

(Assignment 5 Due)

7)      May 08, 2010                     Project Presentations Read Chapters 14  


8)      May 15, 2010                    Project Presentations



12) May 22, 2010                   Final Exam




Assignments 1 through 6 will be assessed with a rubric. Assignments are graded based upon content and format. Each assignment will be graded as follows:


                  A+       97-100                                                 Exemplary

                  A         93-96.9                                                Exemplary

A-                90-92.9                                                Exemplary

B+       87.1-89.9                                             Competent

B          83-87                                                   Competent

B-                 80-82.9                                                Competent

C+       77.1-79.9                                             Emerging

C         73-77                                                   Emerging                              






Point Distribution



  1. Website Project






  1. Assistive technology project

Concept Essay




  1. Technology lesson plan





  1. WebQuest project

Reflective essay



  1. Electronic portfolio



       6.   Reading, homework



  1. Self-Evaluation

Reflective essay of your learning



  1. Final Exam






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.