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Lynette Williams

Educ 102

Professor: Dr Diaz

Reflection Collaboration

            The Medgar Evers College Standards and Collaboration is the 7th of eight unit standards. The department under this standard defines a teacher candidate to work effectively with other constituencies by seeking out other ideas, valuing multiple points of views, and building cooperative relationships. The department’s expectation is relevant by taking into consideration that it is important for a teacher candidate to cooperate with fellow students on group projects and activities. As a prospective teacher, I would give constructive input and listen to others in making projects come together.  The department expects an atmosphere of sharing and encouraging each other.

            As evidence for the collaborative standard, I am submitting a PowerPoint Presentation of our project. This was completed this semester in my 102 class. It was a group assignment that required the group to choose a project of our choice, which has the potential to be ongoing in the future.  We were required to show evidence of this work and later present it to the class. My evidence now speaks to the standard, which states that candidates seek out others for assistance and for building projects together.

            My group and I began our assignment by sharing ideas that could be accomplished in a short period, but could be an ongoing project. Looking to our community and saw a need, we decided to start Clothing Drive or Changing One Life at a Time Medgar Evers Students (COLAATMECS).  We formulated and dispatched teams to do leg work and be responsible for making calls, emails, proposals, and to seek possible sites for this venture.  We conducted group meetings that all would give findings and report on setbacks and progress. We successfully worked together and valued each other’s ideas, views, commitment, and time.  After researching, we drafted a proposal and visited a few shelters and offered our assistance.  Our first distribution were clothing collected from group members and students of Medgar Evers College. Prior to distribution the COLAATMECS Team met and formulated a plan for distribution day. When distribution day arrived, all went smoothly, and the team felt satisfied that we filled a great need in our community.

            The group had to make a presentation and feedback to the class on the project. On the day of the presentation, I was very nervous because we all had to give our own feedback on the distribution, but we helped each other to give an excellent summary of what took place.

            As an aspiring teacher, I will endeavor to practice collaboration in my classroom setting.  I think it is very important because many students will benefit from working with others. Not only will they learn from each other, but it will fuel a sense of harmony in the community.  Collaboration is crucial to allow students to recognize that there is power when we combine and expound upon ideas. I will strive to give my students the opportunity at a young age to work with their peers and value each individual idea.  This project taught me how valuable my partners were to the project, and if each person is doing a part we will all be successful.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.