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Lynette Williams

Educ 102: Introduction to the World of the Learner

Professor: Dr. Diaz


Creativity Reflection

As a future teacher, it is a requirement of Medgar Evers College Education Department to demonstrate mastery of the eight candidate performance standards.  Creativity is the fourth (4th) of eight standards where candidates conceptualize, design and develop imaginative and innovative work. The department’s expectation is relevant because as a future teacher, I have the ability to be creative and use different strategies to solve problems. I am also able to design tasks, develop thinking skills use experiment and create new techniques based on available resources and information.

            As evidence for the creativity standard, I am submitting a Web quest of the Four seasons. It was done in my 350 Class Computer in Education. It was an individual assignment and required me to use technology via the internet. My evidence speaks to item 4.5 views technology as a path to create an effective ways of teaching and learning. I was asked by my professor to create a Web quest on a topic that was sent from the school PS 167. Before getting the assignment, my professor explained what a Web quest was , and we divided into groups to fill out a questionnaire of what we thought a Web quest was.  

            The professor took about two sessions of class to show and instruct the class on what was required of us. I followed the instructions and found a way to figure out what I wanted to do.  To create my own Web quest I had to be focused, and not to be distracted, because I didn’t know my way around the computer too well. I also followed the guidelines that were given to us in order to complete and submit in a timely manner.

            As an aspiring educator, I will endeavor to keep abreast with new technology as a path to create effective ways of teaching and learning. I will strive to provide students with the opportunity to explore the internet and be creative. Taking into consideration the ages that I will serve, I will assign different learning techniques such as reliable internet links, games, books, and other constructive materials to help supplement and improve creativity.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.