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Lynette Williams

Education 102

Professor: Dr. Diaz


Analytical Ability

            The message that Medgar Evers convey to their Teacher Candidates, is that the ability is very important. Analytical Ability is the third of an eight unit standard of the Medgar Evers College Education Department. The Department under this standard expects teachers in training to effectively and comprehensively deconstruct text to underscore hidden meaning to make connections, to draw inferences and to develop multiple perspectives towards various ideas and issues. The Department’s expectation is relevant, because as a student teacher it is important that one has the ability to visualize, articulate and solve complex problems and concepts, and make sensible decisions based on available information. The Department also expects one to use reflective practices.

            As evidence of the Analytical Ability standard, this paper is being submitted on Inclusive classrooms. It was completed in the fall of 2010 in the Education Foundation course; Introduction to Special Education 152-060. This assignment was given to test our analytical ability in writing. The article: Making Differences Ordinary in I Inclusive Classrooms, relates to item unit 3.1  of the Analytical Ability standard, which requires that one effectively and comprehensively deconstruct text  to uncover hidden meaning to discern points of view that shape text and make connections between the text, their personal experiences, and other related text.

            The task was to read the article carefully, answer the four questions on the front of the page, and write an essay not more than two pages in length, using the APA format. Specific instructions were given for the abstract and cover pages, as well as other references could have been used to answer the questions. This paper was worth twenty points.

            As an aspiring teacher, my endeavors are to pay close attention to the hidden meanings in order to be able to make connections between texts. Through this practice, students will be provided with the skills to become analytical thinkers, as well as being able to learn from example. According to age groups, students will be assigned different learning techniques, such as comprehension passages and games that will help them improve their analytical skills

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.