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 Lynette Williams

Educ .102

Professor Dr. Diaz



  As an Education Degree candidate, it is a requirement of the Medgar Evers College Education Department to demonstrate mastery of the eight candidate performance standards in becoming a teacher. Knowledge is the first of eight standards. The definition of knowledge proposed by the department as it relates to potential teacher candidates states that candidates possess a comprehensive knowledge of the Liberal Arts Science and Education, content, concepts and modes of inquiry and make connections among disciplines. The department’s expectation is relevant as a  teacher trainee it is important that I become knowledgeable about the best practices in education. The effective strategies that star teachers use, the use of technology in schools and the diversity of cultures that exist in schools. The department also expects me to take a feeling of enthusiasm to the classroom as I engage students in the teaching and learning process.

     As evidence for the knowledge, I am submitting a reflective essay titled "Should New York City funded daycare programs remain open". It was completed in the fall of 2009 in my English 150-050 class. It was an individual assignment which required me to give my views on a political issue of my concern which was featured in the news. My evidence speaks to item, 1.9 Understands Child Development, Characteristics and Needs. Understands exceptionalities and the impact these conditions have on the development and performance of children.

     I was asked to write an essay on a political issue of my concern in the news. The assignment required that I write a three page paper. The purpose of this essay was to give my views about how the daycare issue could affect child development, needs and the impact these conditions will have on the development and performance of children.

     I began this assignment by listening to the proposals made by Mayor Bloomberg which I found to be negative and selfish. He is a millionaire and does not care about poor people .He thinks that city daycares should be closed or privatized  therefore working families and their children would suffer. Also  hundreds of teachers would lose their jobs. I was very upset while doing this paper and hoped that the Mayor should think long and hard before making any drastic decisions about daycares.

     As an aspiring teacher I will endeavor to become more knowledgeable  and keep abreast on current affairs. I will give my students at a young age the opportunity to understand that it is important for them to understand the exceptionalities and the impact these conditions can have on their development and performance. Depending on the age group I will allow them to listen to the news, read the newspaper cut out clippings to make journals to widen their knowledge on the issues that are important for them to develop personally and socially.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.