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Shadowing Professionals

Educ. 501

Name: Lynette Williams

Observation Date: 12-01-10

School: PS12

430 Howard Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11233



            The next three hours of my field experience I spent in PS 12. This time I observed a kindergarten class K- 107 in action. As I entered the class community, the colors of the different teaching aids and materials caught my eyes. We were greeted by Mrs. Kowal the teacher, she was active and energetic. Her overall classroom consisted of 21 students, but on this day only 18 were present; 10 girls, and 8 boys all of diverse ethnicity.

            This classroom had a lot of teaching materials for students as well as teacher and seemed conducive to learning. Upon my arrival, I observed students involved in a Math lesson. At times the students were not engaged but seemed out of control. In this lesson the students had to be cautioned and be reminded about the lesson at hand.  I observed some students walking around, others not listening, and some just looked confused and distracted.  As I sat there looking at the teacher she seemed frustrated but tried her best not to show it. Frustration and embarrassment was clearly shown on her face. One student was out of control and being loud, Mrs. Kowal asked him to rest for a while. He in turn got up and was all over the classroom. He eventually passed



where I was sitting and I calmly asked him to sit and he did. In the middle of the activity that clearly wasn’t going anywhere the cook came with snacks for the students. They thankfully  left the activity and went for snacks, which entailed singing happy birthday for one student who had a birthday that day.

            My observation of this kindergarten class was overwhelming and I wondered at what point learning takes place in such a chaotic environment. The teacher clearly needed help with her teaching processes and with her students. I think the students felt her frustration and did what they wanted. Teachers have to be strong committed people and I think that the teacher should review her strategies and if they are currently not working then try something else to reach out to her students.  Keeping in mind that all students  don’t learn the same way then try to know how your student learn and tailor lesson plans to fit the student’s needs.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.