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Journal # 4

The Mis- Education of the Negro

By Carter G. Woodson


The author Carter Godwin Woodson provides historical information in his excerpt The Mis-Education of the Negro where he makes a strong agreement that blacks must be educated about their own culture and the significant accomplishment of people of African descent. “The educated negroes” have the contempt towards their own people…” he speaks of the contempt or disdain act on the heads of the non-educated by the “educated.”

    During that time, there was not enough black education taught in schools. Blacks were thought only European and American history. In addition, people of African heritage were thought to be intellectually inferior to the other races. Woodson explains the deliberate and unjustified degradation of black to be “the worst sort of lynching”

     Often times I have seen Negroes who think they well educated, tend to treat their own as if they are non- educated. Negroes are being failed by schools because of the information they obtain. They learn to despise their own kind. Education is failing them. History shows that it does not matter who is in power, those who have not learned to fend for themselves, and depend on others, never obtain anymore rights or privilege in the end than they did in the beginning.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.