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Lynette Williams

Professor V. Anderson

English 150-050


Should New York funded daycare programs remain open?

      It is my belief of Mayor Bloomberg that there is no need to have city-funded daycare programs that do not provide an immediate source of revenue to the city coffers. He feels that daycares should be privatized. He contends that private businesses should fund and provide these services for their employees, thereby saving the city a bundle of money. However, the exact inverse will occur unless The New York Daycare programs are permitted to remain open.                            Since the majority of our city-funded daycare program is located in the impoverished areas in our city, it is understood that these constitutions are of a low socio-economic background and cannot afford a private daycare setting. Therefore, to force these people into this type of setting, which costs a minimum of $150 weekly per child is unrealistic. Instead of increasing revenue; the opposite will occur by increasing the number of welfare provisions, food stamp and possibly shelter living. The taxpayers will most likely have to pay for these additional services.

    In addition, most of the city daycare provides, and operates their centers between the hours of 7:00 AM to 6:00 P.M., five days a week. Due to these long hours, a bond develops between the caregivers and the parents. The daycare setting becomes the second home for youngsters and their families. Parents, staff members and children develop a close relationship with each other to ensure that our young ones develop the necessary skills they will need to become the constructive citizens of tomorrow.

   Quite often, the educators must work with very limited resources. Our daycare programs lack   the minimal finances necessary to provide adequate learning experiences. Hence, through center-wide fundraising activities, a limited number of precious supplies can be purchased. The mayor should ensure more money be allocated for children `s services and supplies, but he has turned a deaf ear to their cries. Instead of being an advocate for children, he has decided to become an adversary.

    Mayor Bloomberg, as a very successful businessman, can only visualize immediate profit.

He has little or no concern about long-term impact of creating and molding the minds of children for future years to come. He visualizes a daycare program as nothing more than a mere babysitting chore which is worthless to his immediate profit motives. The needs and the plight of the inner-city residents are of little or no concern to him.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.