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Journal # 8

Fostering Culturally Responsive Teaching

By Villages


   In the article Fostering Culturally Responsive Teaching, speaks about the importance   teachers, schools and the society and the role they need to play in their understanding of diversity of students, from diverse background. Culturally Responsive teachers can serve as powerful role models. This reading explains the curriculum strands, which focuses on the aspects of teaching and learning. Teachers need to know about the students they teach, and about the communities in which they live, in order to bridge the gap in helping to meet their needs.

      The use of cultural references in teaching the conceptions of knowledge as a human construction draws support from a number of disciplines. The author discusses guidelines in this reading which are encouraged to use as support and use in culturally responsive classrooms.

     I believe that a solid foundation provides and promotes the goal of academic excellence with respect for cultural diversity students to examine the content of the curriculum critically. A curriculum is valid only when students understand the perspective reflected in it. Students should also be given opportunities to create knowledge themselves and identify ways in which the knowledge they construct is influenced and limited by, by their personal assumptions, positions and experiences.

      Teachers therefore, must continuously monition the students` developing the understanding of ideas in the teaching and learning process.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.