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Journal # 15

Creating a Culture of Attachment

A Community-as-Text approach to Learning

By Milbrey McLaughlin & Martin Blank

     This reading is about a teacher presenting the content of work in a way that is stimulating and reflects on students’ lives. When using the community-as-text approach, content must be presented to young people with the need to meet high standards, in a context that has meaning and relevance in their everyday life.

     The main theme in this article is Community Schools, using a community-as- text approach, are showing an important way to do this. Local communities and neighborhoods are it rich or poor provide a rich context for learning that matters to children. They use local resources and issues to meet challenging curricular standards and motivate students. A community-as-text approach work for the better when students are involved and content has relevance to their lives. But, it is more effective when it forms a frame work of an integrated curriculum. It is the teachers` job to make it relevant.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.