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Journal # 18

Basketball and Portfolio

By Linda Christensen

  In Linda Christensen`s article the teacher uses basketball as an example as a means of assessment. Students were allowed to review the game to see what mistakes were made, so as to improve in the future. The teacher used portfolios to facilitate and shape instructions for individual students. She also sees portfolios as a tool to move students from object to subject in their education. Most students are not accustomed to standing back from their work and assessing it. Portfolios fulfills several duties: It showcases students` work in a variety of genres; it demonstrates their journey as a writer from early to polished drafts as well as stumbling first attempts at poetry, fiction, and essays to later, more accomplished pieces. It also provides a space for students and teacher to reflect on the change and growth in writing and thinking as well as pointing out trajectory for future work.  Students need enough time between their entry into the class and the analysis of their writing to see change or growth. Teacher need to practice patience, it takes much time to teach students how to think and how to write a reflection on their writing as it takes to teach them how to write a literacy or historical analysis. She will have to praise the effort and push them to the next level. Even though students are provided with guidelines to get started, leave them loose enough so they have room to follow their passion.

      Portfolios are only one small part of the total classroom, but an important part, because it measures student’s success and growth the foundations of expectations at the beginning of the grading period help students to meet this criteria. The compiled work and the evaluation allow both students and teachers to reflect on what work on and how they can improve in the future. Evaluation gives time to pause and look back also rehearse their next performance whether writing an essay or making a three- point shot in the state tournament.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.