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                                                                Journal # 14

                                         An Inclusive Classroom in Action

                                                         By Carl Sandburg

     This article explains about an inclusive classroom where all students are together in one setting, and no one is being segregated for any specific reason. Students who perform well are paired up with another student, thus creating a culturally inclined classroom; this will be beneficial to everyone. When students with disabilities are segregated, they feel out however, on the other hand proper provisions should be made for these students. They should be placed in spacious rooms to accommodate wheelchair bound students so as prevent accidents or interruption of classroom activities.

    Inclusion being defined in a number of ways, is believe that we must create, cherish and nurture schools that include and efficiently educate all students. Inclusion benefits not only students with disabilities, but also all students, educators, parents and the community the underlying assumption; however is that inclusion is a life-a way of living together-that is based on belief that each individual is valued and belongs.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.