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The Association of Latino American Studies was founded at Medgar Evers College in the spring of 2008 by myself and an Education Department student by the name of Domingo Santana. Being a very small and often overlooked minority at MEC, several Latino students felt they needed a space at Medgar Evers College where they could meet to share their cultural heritage, discuss social issues and have their voices heard. ALAS was created to address these needs.


Since that date our numbers have grown. We are actively engaged in educating the college community regarding the very rich history and  culture of Latin America. Our events are not only social events, but are designed to educate the community as to the issues that are most current and critical, such as immigration, domestic violence, environmental and health concerns and educational issues.


Our first president and co-founder, Domingo Santana, graduated with his degree in Childhod Education in 2009 and is presently teaching ELA at a Brooklyn Public School. Our current co-presidents are Henry Morel and Goland Prince-Trim, also an Education Department student. Both are  and amazing tireless advocates for ALAS. Here  in this section of our ePortfolio, members speak out about their experiences both before and since coming to MEC,  as well as the reasons they joined ALAS. I hope you are as inspired by their personal journeys as I have been. If you have questions about the association and how you can participate, please leave a comment with your contact information and I will respond.



Dr. Rosalina Diaz

ALAS Faculty Advisor and co-founder

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.