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On the small town of Miguel Aleman there is a mission to help the less fortunate, the ones that really don't have enough to survive.


Every time that the opportunity is presented, as often as possible, help for a poor village and its surrounding areas is provided: - clothing, - food, - medicines, - necessary stuff for babies, - transportation (occasional rides to the hospital, the bus station, the nearby city, store, etc.) and also useful accessories of everyday use. Other activities at the mission include:


  • Once a week a movie is shown to a community of indians of the region (called 'Triqui'). - This builds trust in the mission and the services  offered, and it also brings them a unique attraction.
  • Once a week, there is a visit to the local rehabilitation center for drug addicts and alcoholics (called C.R.R.E.D.A.). The mission provides inmates with movies, appetizers and drinks (no alcoholic drinks, of course...).
  • English classes are provided to a group of village women (once a week).
  • Every two weeks there is a visit to women that find themselves in the prison of Hermosillo (which is around 90 min. away of Miguel Aleman). There are talks and encouragement as well as providing basic needs.
  • Village kids are taught to read and write Spanish, there are also crafts classes and movies for them on different days of the week.


This summer, on July 13th, ALAS will travel to the Miguel Aleman on a humanitarian mission. We will work to help expand the size of the mission, teach the mothers English and the children to read and write in Spanish. We will also bring monetary donations and other needed supplies.  These gifts provide more than just support, they show the kids that there are people in the world who care about them. These gifts provide hope, faith and love.


Please join with ALAS in sharing with others who are in need. Contact any of our officers for more information or to make a donation .

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.